We make mirrors to size. Mirrors in interiors have a variety of uses. They perform not only a utilitarian function, but also constitute an important element of room equipment. They are also used by interior decorators, because they allow to introduce more natural light into the interior and, above all, to optically enlarge the space - they work similarly to loft doors available in our offer. For this type of treatment, however, it is often required to use mirrors with specific dimensions, which may not be available in stores. In such cases, our company comes to the rescue, which offers custom-made mirrors tailored to customer requirements. What distinguishes the products we offer? First of all, the highest quality of workmanship and the freedom of size, color and shape of the mirror. We can also make cuts or cutouts to facilitate assembly. Customers who are afraid of self-installation can use our mirror assembly service.

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Types of mirrors on request

Our offer includes various types of custom mirrors. The assortment includes the most popular silver mirrors with the following thicknesses (made on Float glass):

  • 2 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 4 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 6 mm
We also make perfectly transparent mirrors made of discolored glass - Optiwhite (diamond) mirrors with a thickness of:
We also offer custom-made mirrors in various colors and shades:

On request, we can also make aged antique mirrors in several designs, including: gold, rainbow or pink mirrors. The size of antique mirrors is 2440 x 1830 mm. It is also worth noting that we provide our customers with mirrors imported mainly from manufacturers such as AGC.

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Characteristics of custom-made mirrors from our offer

We make mirrors to any size, tailored to the customer's needs. In the case of standard products, however, it must not exceed the dimensions of 3210 x 2550 mm. The edges of the mirrors can be ground or chamfered. We drill holes in mirrors and make various cutouts. At the customer's request, the mirror can be glued with a special foil that provides protection in the event of its breakage.

Measurements and installation of mirrors

We offer measurement and installation of mirrors at the customer's in Warsaw and the surrounding area. Our professional team performs calculations using a state-of-the-art digital device, which is Proliner. Most bathroom mirrors are mounted in a niche left between the tiles. In this way, we get a mirror, aesthetic surface flush with the glaze. The edge of the mirror is usually made with a polishing cut. A gap of about 2-3 mm is used between the tiles and the edge of the mirrors. The mirror is glued to the surface with a special silicone for mirrors, with a neutral reaction. The left gap can be filled after a minimum of 48 hours. We also install beveled mirrors to hang. The size of the chamfer depends on the thickness of the mirror.

Mirrors that optically enlarge the space

Installation of mirrors to size allows you to clearly enlarge the space optically. There are several tricks that will allow you to achieve a satisfactory effect. One of the most popular of them is without a doubt installation of mirrors on opposite walls. Their reflection will make the room seem even several times larger. This type of effect is often used in bathrooms or halls and vestibules, because they are usually one of the smallest rooms in the apartment. It is also an interesting solution installation of vertical mirrors that cover the wall along its entire height. This allows you to optically extend the room, making it seem much larger. It is worth noting that an alternative to the installation of mirrors are glass structures. Their use, among other things, thanks to the easier access to light, clearly enlarges the spaces optically and allows you to hide fixed parts of the room.

Where can custom mirrors be installed?

A wide selection of mirrors of various sizes means that the products we supply can be installed in various spaces. They are perfect for houses, flats and service facilities. Custom mirrors are available hang or stick, for example, in the hall, bathroom, bedroom or in the dressing room. They will work well in dark or small rooms, introducing more natural light into them and visually enlarging the interior. In addition, they are also perfect for public spaces. More than once we prepared mirrors that were installed, among others, in shops, hairdressing salons, make-up salons or any other kind of space. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a custom-made mirror, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer.

We offer our clients professional advice, mirror measurements in Warsaw and the surrounding area, as well as professional installation.
We also invite you to cooperate with: carpentry workshops, interior finishing companies as well as architectural and design offices.