Printed glass

It is becoming more and more popular in the interior design of our customers graphic glasswhich is most often used as glass panels in the kitchen. Used above the kitchen worktop, they will perfectly replace traditional tiles. An almost unlimited number of graphics allows the room to gain an individual character. Printed glass due to resistance to humidity, mechanical damage and high temperatures can also be used in the bathroom or other room. Modernly arranged salons, corridors and staircases are finished with custom-designed glass with graphics, which allows you to personalize the space and make each element of interior design match the expectations of customers.

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Glass panels with individual graphics

Glass panels with graphics we make on discolored glass with a thickness of 5 or 6 mm. The thickness is selected each time during the measurement, depending on the size of the glass and the number of cutouts needed. The use of tempered Ultra glass (discolored) ensures that the color of the graphics will not be changed as in the case of Float glass, which has a greenish tint and can adversely affect the presentation of colors. Glass with graphics tailored to the customer's interests gives the interior a personalized and unique character. Custom-made glass with graphics will also work well in office spaces and service points, because it will provide solutions associated with the brand, which will affect the professional and warm reception of it by customers.

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How to choose custom glass with graphics?

In order to choose graphics for glass, the visiting customer has the option of searching for a photo from photo bank Fotolia. The photo bank contains millions of photos and vector graphics that we can freely use. We choose the graphics by entering the phrase we are interested in in the search engine on Fotolia - for example, forest, sunset or abstraction. Depending on the arrangement of the glass, we choose the appropriate arrangement of the graphics vertically or horizontally. At the customer's request, we can frame the graphics in such a way as to focus it around the fragment that the customer liked the most and meets his expectations regarding the arrangement of space. After the measurement, when the size of the glass is determined, the customer receives the graphics parameters necessary to select the right quality photo. With selected graphics, we make framing and visualization in the room, for example in the kitchen. After accepting the graphic by the customer and placing an order for its implementation, we purchase the selected photo, and the customer receives the final project made on the basis of the original. In order to use graphics from an external source, the customer must order them to be made in a specific quality on their own - our specialists will provide advice and provide all necessary information.

What is the process of creating glass with graphics?

Glass with graphics are currently a popular alternative to traditional tiles. This is a perfect solution for people who want to introduce an interesting and modern element to the room, which will continue to look great over time.

A customer who decides to buy glass with graphics can count on timely and professional implementation of the service. We offer you a bank of photos - there are many different graphics in them, so surely everyone is able to choose a matching pattern. After taking the measurement and selecting the graphics, we create framing and visualizations. If we receive approval from the client, he proceeds to the implementation of the service.

We place the selected graphics on glass with a thickness of 5 or 6 mm. The glass is discolored so that the graphics look good. It is also processed.

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The glass undergoes the necessary treatment. Cut to size, ground, hardened. If necessary, cutouts for the contacts will also be made. On the glass prepared in this way, an imprint is applied, which is secured on the bottom with an additional non-transparent layer, which allows the glass to be glued to the wall. As a result, the glue is invisible.