Below are pictures showing realizations of bathtub screens, presenting not only the method of mounting them to the wall, but also the opening mechanism. Bathtub screens are a solution that will appeal to customers who do not want to give up the bathtub in the bathroom, and at the same time want to ensure the possibility of comfortable use of the shower. Glass bathtub screens have a huge advantage over shower curtains, because they provide a tight barrier for water and, above all, give the possibility of hygienic maintenance of the bathtub interior. Glass is easy to keep clean and allows for ongoing care of its condition. Unlike curtains, there are no nooks and crannies where moisture can accumulate, turning into molds and fungi that are dangerous to health. Our implementations of bathtub screens are tailored to the expectations of customers and the possibilities of the room - and thanks to the wide selection of details and finishes, you can arrange the bathroom in a consistent way.