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Although it may seem to many people today glazier is a somewhat archaic profession, there is still an extremely high demand for its services. If you are also interested in using them, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer we have prepared. Glass servicesthat can be commissioned to us in Warsaw include, among others, performance custom-made shower cabins or glass buildings. It is worth noting that we have different types of this type of material, so you can easily adjust the type and color of glass to your preferences and the characteristics of the interior. If you want to take advantage of the offer, please visit our showroom or contact us.

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Glass processing - we know it!

Glass is a unique material: universal, timeless and elegant. It has been accompanying us in everyday life for centuries. Glass, formerly associated with window glazing, is now widely used in interior design. Due to its timeless and functional nature, it is used in the production of: glass railings, doors, partitions and mirrors. Its processing requires high precision and delicacy. Glass processing, which consists of many different stages of appropriate processing, is the foundation for the development of our company. We employ highly qualified machine operators who fulfill your orders with full commitment. The material is fully processed, including, inter alia, glass grinding. Wherever precision and repeatability of serial production is required, the machining is performed on numerical center (CNC), which guarantees high product quality.

The hardening process

 To increase its mechanical and thermal resistance, the glass is tempered. We have a super modern and efficient furnace for hardening and bending glass. We also harden entrusted glass. The offer of our plant also includes laminating the glass with EVA foil. Safety laminated glass made with this technique currently accounts for the largest share in the production of our plant. We are the main supplier of laminated glass in the Masovian Voivodeship.

Glass processing

As a market leader specializing in glass processing we offer the implementation of various tasks. Customers who trust us can commission us, among others:

What distinguishes our glass factory?

In our work, we pay a lot of attention to the implementation of the most modern technological solutions. We also focus on the expansion of our machine park, thanks to which our employees are able to meet even the most exorbitant expectations of customers from Warsaw and the whole country. We carry out wholesale and individual orders and we sell glass in wholesale with cutting and processing. We also provide comprehensive services related to consulting, measurement and glass assembly. We work with design offices. Therefore, if you are interested in using our services, please contact us. We guarantee competitive prices, the highest level of services and, above all, timely implementation of the task.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer and visit our plants in Okuniewo or Chroślą.

We also invite you to visit our showroom.

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Showroom - Ara Glass located in Warsaw at ul. Łabiszyńska 21 is not only a place where you can see the latest solutions.

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It is a showroom where you can discuss technical matters, plan a meeting with an architect or arrange a meeting with an advisor.

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Our specialists will help you choose the right glass and technical solutions tailored to your expectations and needs.

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In our sales point you can also order glass and mirrors to any size from the full offer of our production plant.

Our point of sale is a place full of passion and fascination with glass, a place of inspiration and innovative solutions. The wide range of glass allows us to create unique and diverse solutions.

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